Ding, ding, dong,dong.
Here I come again with my talking drum. Ready to listen? Go ahead.
Running a state is quite different from running a family house. It is rather unfortunate that my commrade in arms boy Jola Yahya Jammeh, Our Gambia’s Cow Boy President or should I say Accident cannot differentiate between the two.
This man thinks that Gambia is like his family house with us citizens as his wife and the civil servants as his daughter. That he should decide what we cook, how we eat and where we buy our food. He makes decisions that are contrary to our constitutions. He can act above what the law of the land requires.
I for one intend to address two things here. The detention of people for excessively long times without charge and in some instances denying that the state has them in custody. I know the case of former Chief of Staff, Vincent Jatta who was his no. 1 man in the army. A very fine soldier with love and dedicated service to his nation. You have been holding him man in custody for close to a year without charge or even trial. His wife and kids need him just as your little girl Mariam needs you. What kind of a human being is Yahya if he at all is? This is because some of his behaviour makes me think otherwise. I am sometimes tempted to believe that the same blood that runs in me is not the same blood that runs through this man.That the oath I took to serve my country is not the same oath he took. Do you have any human feelings? Show us! Do you think of the future at all? Are you learning from Superman Saddam Hussein of Iraq? Have you ever looked at the lives of Iddi Amin, Charles Taylor, former Cpt. Strasser and even  comrade Sabally? Do their lives’ experiences teach you anything? If not, Jack, know that no condition is permanent. You can be on the other side of the receiving end just like the people mentioned above. Innevitable, the day of reckoning shall some day dawn on us.
It is clear to all Gambians that any public servant in the capacity of Jammeh or below cannot accept gifts while on public duty. Anything given to Yahya while on public duty rightfully belongs to the nation of Gambia. But Yahya within the few years as “Accident” has accepted various plots of land in the Gambia. Some of these we know have not been bought but handed out. We remember your squabble with Malafi Jarju over land given to you in Sanyang village. This belongs to us  Gambians because Oga,if you even deserve such a name any more, no one ever gave you land when you were in your dusty camos.
How about the land in Kitty village? Did you buy it? How about the one in Darsilami Kombo Central? Did you buy it? How about your land in Kanilai, did you buy it? How comes within a short period, Oga you have come to own these lands and many more. How many did your predecessor Hon. Dawda Jawara have? Can you honestly compare his integrity with yours today and be proud of yourself? Look at the ramadan gift of rice and other items. Can you show us your receipt for their purchase?  African presidents have been known to beg from around and once the gift is given, they come home and start harping that they are the donors. Where on earth is the money coming from? Can you differentiate your riches from that of the state? If not please ask for help or listen to my talking drum. Some day is going to come, we’ll get you and cage you in one of your lion’s cages. Put you in a truck and parade you around town like a circus. I am sure the kids, wives, parents, uncles name them whom you have offended will have fun in seeing you inside a cage.Whoa! here he comes.
My drum sound is fading, I will put it under the fire and come drumming more some another time.
Learn from this quote “when the power of love overcomes the love of power, then the world will know peace” And this no exception with Gambia.
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