Master Key Keepers and the Doppelganger
by VL Levy

This 700+ tome looks as if its going to be a lot of work to read; before you even delve into its turgid text and storyline. What strikes one early on is that the author did not come into contact with an editor at any time during the writing of this book. Always a danger with self-published books; apart from the many grammatical errors this book could have easily been three separate novels and quite a bit shorter.

Its rambling, sometimes virtually incoherent style drags in a variety of places forcing the reader to truly desire to finish it. The prose is disjointed which makes it heavy going at the best of times. Only the most dedicated will find themselves able to finish this book without giving up in frustration. Unlike the description on the back cover which says ‘Find out how their mission will affect your future in this amazing book filled with page turning adventures!’ Nothing could be further from the truth.

And yes we do hear a lot about the Ark of the Covenant and Jesus; however, we hear more about the variety of animals she has cared for, including horses, dogs, and birds. This book is mainly concerned with a tale of familial problems and poverty not only spiritually but financially.

In short I salute the author for attempting such a vast undertaking. Maybe before she attempts another one she might get to know a good stern editor; someone able to curb her most rambling of literary excesses. Most author’s true first novel should not be published. This is just one such novel.

You can get your own copy of Master Key Keepers and the Doppelganger from Amazon.

NB: Review was written by K T Dodge. She graciously volunteered to review this book for me.

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