Ok so guns are not the issue. I keep hearing this when a school shooting occurs. The NRA insists that the problem is Mental Health and we should invest more money in that area, rather than attacking the 2nd amendment.

Some people also claim the violent video game are a serious factor, that argument does not hold water because the same games are available world wide. One senior Texas  official Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick went so far as to blame it on Abortions and Ritalin, this does seem a bit unlikely.

So we come back to Mental Health problems. Since 2009 there have been 288 mass shootings in US schools, in that same period there have been a total of 27 world wide.

Using the NRA Mental Health argument this means we have 10 times the number of mental health issues than the rest of the world combined. The numbers are actually much worse, the population of the US represents only 4.4% of the worlds population.

Using some simple math, that means that living in the US makes you 200 times more likely to have Mental Health problems than someone living in another country.

But I feel better in knowing that it is not the guns that are to blame.

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