The father of biodiversity, Dr. Edward Osborne Wilson, has warned of a mass extinction of Earth’s species by the year 2100, as a result of climate change. Dr. Wilson feels that the growing human population, rapidly changing climate and pollution could lead to the extinction of nearly half the earth’s species. Dr. Wilson hopes that the 21st century can be made as a ‘century of environment’, if necessary steps are initiated to conserve those species, which are facing extinction.


Dr. Wilson is one of the most renowned biologists in the world, and he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction, in 1991, for his book ‘The Ants’. In his new book ‘The Creation’ he says that religion and science are the most powerful forces on earth, which can work together in protecting this planet. He believes that religion and science can bring about a positive change on our environment, in the future.


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