Police in Florida recovered the remains of what appears to be one adult and one child buried in a shallow grave in an orange grove in Winter Haven last week, December 22, 2010. They have every reason to believe the bodies are that of 29 year old Ronkeya Holmes and her 2 year old daughter, Masaraha Ross.

Holmes and Ross disappeared over a year ago after Holmes went to Winter Haven to pick her daughter up from her father. She allowed her daughter to stay with the father while she was attending college classes in Georgia.

The father, Lester Ross told police that he met with Holmes in the Haines City Wal-Mart parking lot and handed his daughter over to her and that was the last time he saw her, but later that night police found one of Ross’s cousins driving Holmes car with toys, clothing and even Holmes college parking pass hanging from the rear view mirror in it.

lester-ross.jpgLester Ross was been arrested a day after the bodies were found and a judge has ordered him to be held without bail. He is being charged at this time for tampering with a witness after he allegedly threatened to kill his wife, Sharon if she told anyone what happened.

It was stated in an affidavit that Sharon Ross is the one responsible for the bodies to have been found after she gave authorities directions to where they could find the mother and child.

Her story was that she has returned home in May 2009 only to find the child dead and her husband swearing to her that it was an accident. She told police that she believed that Ross kept his daughter’s body in a deep freeze for several months. That would explain why he would never let Ronkeya Holmes talk to the child when she would ask to. He always had an excuse to refuse her to.

Sharon Ross told police that in October 2009 she saw her husband struggling to load two items wrapped in sheets into the trunk of his car and then he told her to drive them to an orange grove off Dundee Road. She said Ross took the items out of the trunk and carried them into the orange grove and then later returned to the car. She told police that when they got home he wrapped a cell phone power cord around her neck telling her if she ever told anyone about what just happened he would kill her.

Sharon told police she believed that her husband killed the child’s mother to cover up that his daughter was dead.

Winter Haven Police Chief Gary Hester said they will work round the clock if necessary to bring justice in this case. He said that is could be weeks or even months before they are able to make a positive identification on the bodies that were found. They are working to build a murder case against Ross for the murder of his daughter and her mother.

It is good to know that they are still working so hard to find out who did this to this precious child and her mother. I pray that if Lester Ross is the one who killed them, that he pays dearly for it. If it had been an accident he should have reported it, not hide it.

My prayers go to the family of Ronkeya Holmes and Masaraha Ross. I do wish all the missing children could be brought home one way or another. I keep them all in my prayers, including Haleigh Cummings, Adji Desir and Zach Pittman. Please help me keep them all in our prayers.

Jan Barrett

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