I know children come up missing almost everywhere in this country on a daily basis but I guess with two very high profile cases that we have been working on since July of 2008, The Caylee Anthony case and then in February of 2009, the Haleigh Cummings case, we tend to notice the others from Florida as well. In fact I have personally covered two other cases from Florida, one in January of 2009 which is of the little boy, Adji Desir who is still missing as well. Then there was Somer Renee Thompson who disappeared on her way home from school who was later found dead in a Georgia Landfill. Then there was the little girl from Missouri, Elizabeth Olten that disappeared as she was on her way home from a friends house less than a half a mile from her home. They found her dead in a wooded area close to home and now have a 15 year old girl in custody for the murder of Elizabeth.

I sit back and ask myself how can anyone hurt an innocent child. Just in Florida alone this is four children in less than two years. Two confirmed to be dead and two still remaining a mystery. Are they dead somewhere or are they alive and if they are alive are they healthy and happy being treated well or are they being tortured. That is a hard question to think about but I still wonder.

masasarah-ross1.jpgNow this morning I get a Google alert about another little girl missing from Winter Haven, Florida as reported late Wednesday afternoon. This time she is 3 year old, Masaraha Ross and is missing along with her 29 year old mother Ronkeya Holmes and the Winter Haven Police Department Detectives say they might be in danger.

Masaraha is black and she has black hair and black eyes. She is about 38 inches tall and she only weighs about 30 lbs.

Police aren’t exactly sure of the location they were last known to be because of conflicting stories but according to Sgt. Brad Coleman the police department spokesman, witness statements places them in either the Winter Haven or Haines City areas.

masasarah-ross2.jpgIn his news release, Coleman stated, “Multiple law enforcement agencies are involved in this case and information is currently being filtered from a variety of sources.”

I pray there is no foul play involved in this and that this mother and daughter are OK and well. I hope they are both found soon. Masaraha has such a cute little smile on her face, how can anyone harm a child like this.

If you or anyone have any information of the location of Masaraha Ross or of her mother please call Detective Sgt. Chris Ford at 863-291-5733 or 863-412-5973 or Detective Amity McGee at 863-291-5312 or 863-287-1961.

Jan Barrett

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