A recent story this week circulated regarding a court case dismissal in Maryland. The Case, a particularly disturbing one, involving child abuse and a sexual predator, is an example of a system which completely failed the taxpayers. A defendant, charged in a serious felony case, reportedly is not brought to trial in a reasonable amount of time. The Local Government excuse provided to the court was that the prosecution could not find a suitable language interpreter for the defendant. The problem, (aside from the obvious failure in procedure) is that the prosecution and Law enforcement officials were aware that the defendant spoke and understood English. The prosecutor, in trying to tie each and every loose end, (i.e. a challenge to the defendant’s assertion of a Language barrier) in hopes of achieving a victory, threw aside the basics – ensuring conformance with statutory responsibility to provide a speedy trial. The result, in effect, is that the prosecutor lost the case by letting the defendant walk. (The Montgomery County Circuit Court threw out the charges for lack of a speedy trial.) On first glance, one may look at this situation, and fault the court system, but the fault here is with the prosecution. Where is the guaranteed protection for the Victim in this case, a 7 year old who had been attacked? It would have been better to try the case and lose, than throw the case away with incompetence and indecision. How does the Court and Criminal Justice system rectify this failure to the community? It doesn’t. Poor judgment is not a valid excuse for anyone in public service, but rarely is there any fallout, for those in public office who fail to provide competent service. The criminal Justice system in that community has a lot of explaining to do, Without a doubt the Court and the Prosecution will blame each other.

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