A cancer institute in the Maryland area has been looking for participants to take place in the Phase II clinical trial for mesothelioma treatment. The National Cancer Institute in Bethesda has been seeking forty volunteers who have the asbestos cancer, mesothelioma to take part in the trial.

The participants will have to be those that are not surgery or radiation candidates, and the trial will involve the testing of a new drug known as gefitinib. The drug works by targeting proteins found in cancer cells, and by reducing cancer growth.

Researchers from the cancer institute are hoping that the Phase II clinical trial will help to determine just how effective this drug will be when it comes to the treatment of the asbestos related cancer, and that the trial will lead to increased knowledge of the drug and ultimately approval from the Food and Drugs Administration.

There is no conclusive evidence yet to show that the drug improves mesothelioma symptoms or extends lifespan, but medics involved in the trial will be closely monitoring participants for up to four years.

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