image001.jpgOK, I hear you all asking whats a minisode? Well it is taking a 30 minute program and shrinking it down to just five minutes. Why would you do this? Well, some people don’t want to watch the filler, they just want the meat. And this style of editing leaves the meat, you get the whole story, but you don’t have to put up with the pesky add-on’s.

It was my wife Jan that introduced me to the sit com Married With Children, and I have to admit that Al Bundy is one of my heroes, the poor guy is married to the evil shopping monster Peg, and has two delightful children that are living proof that there is much wrong with todays education system.

A silly sit-com it is, the plot lines are beyond imagination, but it is never the less an amusing look at middle class America, and the pitfalls that await the average family. Al Bundy

When my wife Jan growls I call her Peg Bundy, of course this just makes her even madder, and my punishment becomes harsher, but it is fun to watch her face get all red, her voice stutter a little, and then the volcanic eruption “I am nothing like Peg Bundy”!

This is a rather old episode, but a good one, it features Pauly Shore as Al’s boss. While Peggy Bundy is making big bucks selling cosmetics, Al is slinging burgers. Naturally Al is not very good in the fast food world.

Check out this Minisode, and try the rest, they are worth the time.

Simon Barrett

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