Marked card ring broken up in Las Vegas

By Charles Eggleston

Last week federal prosecutors finally closed a case on the nation wide card ring known as the “Tran Organization”. This group is supposedly being charged with counts of money laundering, racketeering, and with several counts of conspiracy.

Investigations against the Tran Organization lasted for over 44 months and prosecutors are estimating that the Tran criminal ring was able to siphon over 3.3 million from these casinos. Possible origins are said to have originated in California and was said to have been quashed in Las Vegas. One of the casinos in Las Vegas that was infiltrated by the ring happened to be Palace Station.

People of the Tran Organization, often posed at these casinos or card dealing venues as employees or were actually employees who would be given profits ‘under the table’. Some of these profits were as much as $10,000 a card deal. The ring leader’s name is John Truong, better known as “Pai Gow” John. While the organization has not been completely dismantled, Gaming Today said that they have been broken up in Las Vegas.

Possible signs that someone is cheating the system in a card game, would be on occasions when people will win with major hands three or four times in a row. Be on the lookout for people in casinos winning a game of cards constantly, or have won thousands of dollars on a consecutive basis. It could be lady luck; it could also be a professional racketeer. The Tran organization seemed to have been targeting tribally owned casinos, but there is a probability of such an occurrence happening at any of the other mainstream casinos in Vegas or Reno from other card dealing rings.

Sources: Gaming Today May 29-June 4

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