The hopes of a lot of moderate… excuse me, centrist democrats were dashed today by Mark Warner.  He was a middle of the road type of politician.  Those are fairly hard to find.  I seriously doubt that I would have voted for him, but I’d rather a moderate over a militant any day.  He would have given Hilary a good fight, I think, and perhaps she would have been kept from the White House.  Sigh…

According to his statement published in the NY Times Warner poured his life into getting “a lot of stuff done”.  That meant leaving no time or very little time for his wife and kids.  Talking about his decision to run for president, “After 67 trips to 28 states and five foreign countries, I have made that decision.  I have decided not to run for President,” he says in his statement.

I admire the man for making this decision.  That took lots of intestinal fortitude, especially for a man that is quite competitive.  I truly wish men the world over would take a lesson from him and look at their families.  Really see them and know that the years are slipping away and they may find the cat in the cradle.

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