I would normally join other bloggers and political pundits who are focusing on the tawdry aspects of Mark Sanford and John Ensign’s unrepentant betrayal of family and constituents. But the fact both men belong to a fellowship that venerates Adolf Hitler seems the bigger scandal and the story may lead back to South America, but not for more details of Mark Sanford’s sexual play time with his mistress on the tax payer’s dime, but tales of horror and child rape.

Governor Mark Sanford and Senator John Ensign belong to a group known as the family, from a mainstream Judeo Christian perspective, exposure of these two prominent republicans has cast light on what appears to be the Mother of all Satanic political cults, one can debate the degree to which evil incarnate influences the spiritual character of individual members, but the growing body of documentation provides irrefutable evidence this group constitutes a formidable fifth column in American politics.   

Despite continued claims of being a non-profit Christian fellowship of sorts, the family is in fact a secretive cabal of powerful individuals who’s motives, goals and practices more reflect the theology and lifestyle of infamous twentieth century Satanist Aleister Crowley than Jesus Christ. Speculation points toward the distinct possibility the inner leadership of the Family may have exploited ties to Latin American dictators, to secure safe haven compounds. Viewable on you tube is the deserted compound  Villa Baviera  who’s leader Paul Schaefer  a German religious fanatic with reputed financial and business ties to the Family spent twenty years raping and torturing scores of children, under the protection of family leader Doug Coes most influential Latin American friend Augusto Pinochet,

Contrary to popular fiction, the most diabolical people seem to be individuals utterly consumed by self interest, driven toward personal fulfillment to the exclusion of all else, what the Jesuits refer to as being perfectly possessed, outwardly such individuals seem the stereotypical definition of modern success, and at first glance the biography of the family reads like a who’s who of accomplished Christian conservatives, Disciples of the family include Senators, Generals & CEO’s of the fortune five hundred, But daily reports seem to indicate it’s members are more masters of beguilement and deception than disciples of the gospel.

When the spiritual leader to scores of America’s conservative political, military and business elite offers sermons extolling the virtues of Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot it’s time to stop snickering over the sexual immorality of Governors and Senators, and start appointing special prosecutors to investigate the depth of the cults influence on the daily affairs of those who campaigned for high office on the platform of Christian family values but evidently serve the lord of lies.  

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