While I may vote democrat, I have always respected individuals like Governor Mark Sanford for remaining steadfast in public toward Christian values. In a previous post, I was criticized by some in the main stream media, for defending the absence of the South Carolina Governor.

Rumor in the capitol suggested the devastating legislative defeat he suffered had taken its emotional toll on the Governor, and he was availing himself of some clinical care. His staff claimed the Governor a known outdoor enthusiast was recharging his emotional batteries with a hike in the Appalachians,

I opinioned whatever the destination, if the Governor needed a few personal days he was entitled. The state seemed to be getting along fine. Today we learned the honorable Mark Sanford, Governor of the great State of South Carolina is not who he proclaimed himself to be when campaigning for high office; He joins too long a list of people who come preaching God, family and patriotism, only to be exposed as political hypocrites.

It would be a waste of keystrokes to demand he resign, like most public servants exposed as public apostates, he is already attempting to spin his sin into a crown of media and democratic persecution in hope of political redemption.The scriptures tell us we must forgive a brother who sins against us, no matter how often they lapse, even if it’s on a daily basis. Mark Sanford the man is deserving of forgiveness, but the scripture requires Mark Sanford the Governor of South Carolina to stand down from his stewardship of the public purse and resign his office.

For eight years the GOP colored itself as the party of God, the secular assembly in which disciples of Jesus would encounter leaders who best reflected the teachings of the bible.

It’s all been a lie and beguilement and the time is at hand for rank and file evangelicals to part ways with those who promised all and delivered nothing. Believing Christians will be delighted to learn the Democratic Party is home to a growing wing of conservatives, folks who share in their want to promote family values, who encourage adoption over abortion and demand financial responsibility from their elected representatives.

For eight years republicans controlled all three branches of government and failed to deliver on a single promise to the evangelical base. The democrats it seems were always somehow to blame and yet they managed to get every other bill they wanted passed. Legislation that bankrupted the economy sent our children to die in a war based on lies and despite it all.

The leadership of the Republican Party has the audacity to suggest the hope for victory in the 2010 congressional midterms, depends in large part on successfully inspiring the social conservative evangelical base to get the vote out and draw in independents. If the GOP plans to emerge from the political wilderness on the backs of Christians, they may need to actually start reading the bible they rant about so much. The folks at FOX may speak well of such candidates, but I doubt the GOP will find a whole lot of support for an assembly that is home to so many public whore mongers, pedophiles and adulterers, but that’s just my opinion yours may be different.

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