In days gone by, or maybe we should say, in the days before the internet, about the most embarrassing thing that could befall a politician that had committed some terrible indiscretion was to be mentioned on Johnny Carson’s monologue at the beginning of the ‘Late Show’. The internet has changed all of this.

Mark Foley is now the probably, less than happy subject of an online game. The game is aptly named ‘Foleys Follies’.

So significant is this game that GSN issued a press release about it.

In a takeoff of Pacman, you get to play Mark Foley chasing after the Pages, bonus points can be won by ‘scoring’ the Instant Messages..

Although this game may not have the depth of intellectual stimulation offered by Chess, it is fun to play for a few minutes.

when the Foley head hits a message bubble he then pursues the Pages and actual Foley quotes from the transcripts appear at the bottom of the screen.

I am sure that Mark Foley is hooked on this new game.

You can find the game here.

Simon Barrett

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