Why is it that politicians always get caught with the sex?  If a person has no self-control, then why should we trust him with the country’s business? 

The members of the Subcommittee on Standards of Official Conduct all flew back to Washington today to meet and decide upon an investigation according to ABC report.  The slight problem is they don’t have jurisdiction over Foley because he’s resigned.  Good riddance, I say.  Now the whole of Congress, officers and staff are in the cross hairs of this investigative committee and “four dozen subpoenas” have been issued.  Four dozen!  That is a lot of hanky panky going on.  Someone please tell me that you can have hanky panky and no one know about it… yeah, and the Brooklyn Bridge is for sale.

They are going to go “where ever the evidence leads…” says Rep. Hastings R-Wash, the chairman of the committee.  Great.  Why weren’t they doing their job before the scandal washed all over Washington and spilled over the states?  It is sickening that my daughter could have been exposed to that kind of trash from someone she worked for… oh, wait.  She actually was subjected to that kind of trash and he wasn’t in Congress, he was a business man.  It seems that honor and ethical behavior is just too rare a commodity these days.

 For once, I agree with some of those watchdogs and some of those critics who say that this committee’s investigation may not be strong enough or dig deep enough.  But, then, if they dig too deep, we might not have anyone minding the store in the fair city of Washington D.C.

Gina is the marketing manager for Virtustar, an information technology firm, and a redactor for internet marketing company.  She is a columnist for Live As If.org and a site admin for Studylight.org.  Visit her blog at Refreshment In Refuge.


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