Earlier I wrote an update article about little 4 year old Marc Anthony Bookal  missing from Newburgh, New York after he walked out the opened door of his family’s apartment. His mother’s boyfriend was getting ready to take Marc to a friend’s house when Marc apparently walked out alone and he hasn’t been seen since then.

Well an anonymous donor has donated $10,000 for the safe return with an additional $5000 added from another donor for his safe return. Now Monday, Carlie’s Crusade, a Marlboro-based not-for-profit foundation focused on the abduction of children has offered an additional $1000 to anyone that provides a tip leading to the return or recovery of little Marc regardless of the circumstances of his return.

Simon and I both thought this was worth mentioning especially at Christmas time about a comment that was left on my article. It reads as:

D. Carmine Magistro said,
in December 24th, 2009 at 6:12 pm edit

Today, on Christmas Eve, members of the Carlie’s Crusade Foundation delivered to Marc’s siblings gift cards and cash they collected from caring people so that these children may have a little Xmas at such a grim time in there lives. When events like this happen we, the public, seem to forget about the other children that are still at home. We are all keeping hope and praying for Marc’s safe return.

God please watch over ALL of our children today and everyday.Give us strength to keep making a difference with the programs we teach and help us reach more children this year then we did the last. God bless everyone that helped us bring a smile to the children today.

We would personally like to thank D. Carmine Magistro and this foundation for the work that they do and especially what they have done for this family. Their Christmas must have the whole family devastated but the siblings don’t always understand that and they deserve to keep on living a normal life as well. So they should not be forgotten either.

So once again Thank You and God Bless! I wish there were more out there with the ability to do such honorable things for the families that need the help.

God Bless you all! My husband, Simon and I wish everyone working with the Carlie’s Crusade Foundation a very Merry Christmas. I am sure you made some children very happy out there.

Jan  and Simon Barrett

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