Many asbestos victims across the UK will lose their right to claim compensation over asbestos related illness after the House of Lords recently ruled that pleural plaques cannot be technically classed as a disease, and therefore sufferers of this condition will not be eligible to claim compensation.

Workers that have contracted this scarring of the lungs, which can lead to cancer in later years in some cases, have been waiting for the decision following a test case, and earlier this week the House of Lords brought bad news to sufferers of pleural plaques, who will now be left without any rights to make a compensation claim.

Insurance companies had already been fighting for the right to claim not to be granted to sufferers of this condition. In the past those with pleural plaques had been able to claim around five thousand pounds (ten thousand dollars) and then make a further claim if the condition developed into cancer.

One lawyer stated: “The reality is that the defensive instincts of large capitalist institutions have been permitted to prevail at the expense of those exposed to asbestos. Those victims can now only wait anxiously to see if the illnesses …to which the defendants have exposed them will develop.”

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