The Prime Minister’s reply in Parliament also focused on the criticism from the BJP on questions of internal security and the anti-terrorism record of the Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi dispensation.

Offstumped dissects the Prime Minister’s response to expose some holes.

Some hon. Members and Shri L.K. Advani wanted details on the progress made in some of the recent terror attack cases

About time Mr. Prime Minister. So what details do you have to share ?

What conspiracy have you unearthed on the purpose of the 7-11 Mumbai Blasts ?

Which specific individuals and entities were responsible for plotting the blasts ?

 How are these entities organized and funded, what are their short term and long term objectives ?

How many of these entities and individuals were brought to justice ?

How many convictions in the 7-11 Mumbai Blasts nearly two years after the fact ?

What do you know of these entities and their links to other blasts in Malegaon, Varnasi, Hyderabad, Samjhauta Express ?

Well the Prime Minister had none of that but instead he had this to say.

In the Mumbai blasts, which he referred to, 13 persons have been arrested. In the similar blast in Ludhiana, ten persons have been apprehended. Arrests have also been made in the Rampur attack on the CRPF camp and in the UP courts blast.

That was it from the Prime Minister. Now here is the problem with the 13 arrests in Mumbai the Prime Minister is taking credit for. When those 13 were arrested the Mumbai Police on 30th September 2006 also claimed that

“We have solved the 7/11 bomb blasts case,” he said adding that the attacks were planned by ISI in Pakistan and carried out by Pakistan-based militant group LeT with the help of banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). 

Offstumped poser to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh: If your Government is taking credit for the 13 arrests in the Mumbai 7-11 blasts then what have you done since 30th Sept 2006 when the same Mumbai Police who made those 13 arrests also revealed the role of Pakistan’s ISI in the blasts ?

 What do have you have to say to the kith and kin of the 200 odd victims of the 7-11 blasts in holding the Pakistan’s ISI to account for their loss ?

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