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The CNN-IBN reports

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday rejected reports that he was considering to resign from his post because of the stalled Indo-US nuclear deal and hoped that the agreement can still be operationalised.

“I have mentioned that there are some difficulties. We are working in a coalition. We have to find a way out and I have not given up hope,”

“well, the BJP of all the parties is least qualified to talk about the moral right to govern.”

“And we also saw the massacres that took place in Gujarat under BJP. They did not think of the moral right to govern on that occasion,”

 “what about the fiasco with regard to the Agra Summit, the collapse of the Agra Summit.”

“And we all know why the war in Kargil took place. The infiltrators were coming into our territory and the government in New Delhi was sleeping,”

“So I think the BJP is the least qualified to talk about the moral right to govern.”

“We are trying to evolve a national consensus. I hope that the process which emerges as a result of wide-ranging negotiations with our coalition partners will enable us to move forward.”

The most significant observation by the Prime Minister however was reported by NDTV

On the U-turn by allies on the N-deal, he said they were part of the Cabinet decision that cleared the deal.”

From denial to displacement the Prime Minister has expressed all possible defense mechanisms. Unless he is scripting a new theory of political strategy of “win by frustrating to boredom ” it is hard to make sense of this flip flop.

One possible explanation that Offstumped is hypothesising

A behind the scenes understanding between the Left and UPA that

– they have agreed to disagree on the deal and they will ultimately spar on it at the hustings but not right now

– the Left needs the public pretense of the deal being on hold on account of their concerns

– the Prime Minister needs the public pretense of the consensus being explored to get the Americans to keep a 2008 timeline open

– the Congress President needs the public pretense of the Left still supporting the Government to fend off polls as till beta Rahul is firmly in the saddle

– the UPA Allies need the public pretense of polls not being imminent while they get their populist acts together

So with a big yawn expect the flip flop drama to continue with no categorical steps one way or the other while governance remains paralyzed.

Every one buys time to prepare for the polls, so whats there to complain, unless of course if you are a demanding tax payer concerned about populist spending but then what kind of a fool are you anyway giving money to the government when you can be “entitled” to receiving money from a benevolent poll bound Government …………..


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