Digg is a very popular service for breaking news, and has become incredibly popular in the recent past. What is Digg ? It is a service where anybody can submit articles, new stories, anything at all. If other people like this story, they will Digg the story and if a story gathers enought Diggs, the story will move to the front page so that more people can view the story.

Now such a service would seem very prone to misuse, but Digg claims that it can tell when people are trying to manipulate the service and prevent such fraud from happening. Such a claim is ripe for people to try and expose that this is not a fool proof method. So here is a story from Wired about a paid service that claims to promote stories on Digg for money, and how the writer of the article actually got a pretty useless blog to the front page. It stayed for some time, and actually took on a life on its own before it got moved off.

Ashish writes at Tech News.

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