The latest on the large blast at the Marietta Mall that killed ten people in Manila is that it probably wasn’t terrorism but sewage.
The Manila Times reports:

A week previously, liquids from the septic tank seeped into the basement, which a tenant is leasing.

Jauican and his team are looking into the theory that a sparks from a short-circuit in the pump might have ignited the methane gas that has collected in the area, and seeped into the diesel tank. Methane gas is produced from the breakdown of the organic compounds in the overflow that had collected in the basement.

One clue that this might not be a bomb is that the ever vigorous opposition has stopped trying to blame the government for placing the bomb in order to allow them to implement marshall law. They are now back to the  routine accusations of bribery and corruption, complete with spin.

On the other hand, the ferry bombed by the Abu Sayyaf group was attributed to a cooking fire for months before the truth came out. So I will hold my judgement until the final reports are in.

In the meanwhile, one’s chances of dying in the crossfire of a friendly neighborhood election are probably higher than dying of terrorism.

The PNP said that as of October 21, a total of three incumbent barangay officials and two candidates have been killed. Four civilians and a government official were listed as among those killed as a result of the poll violence.
The PNP added that since September 29, it has recorded 13 cases of election-related violence.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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