El Reno, Oklahoma-  A woman and her four children were found dead inside their apartment.  The Authorities are looking for her boyfriend as a suspect.  On Monday, a  police officer went to Summer Garas’s apartment to check on the welfare of her and her four small children ranging in ages from 3-7 years of age.  Daughters Kristen Rust 7, Autumn Rust 6, Enynn Garas 3 and son Teagin Rust 4.  Spokeswoman for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Jessica Brown stated that the five were not shot and that a weapon was not necessarily used. More details won’t be released until Wednesday or later.

A spokeswoman for the Medical Examiners Office only confirmed they were homicides .  The slain woman’s boyfriend is a suspect, Brown said.  They are searching for Summer’s missing vehicle, a 89′ white Ford Thunderbird.  The slain womans boyfriend Joshua Steven Durcho was caught on camera at a truck stop in Clinton, Oklahoma, 60 miles west of where the bodies were found.  He purchased a soda around 9:30pm.   There have been numerous sightings of Durcho across the state. 

Criminal records show that Durcho has a past that includes, car theft, possession of Marijuana which he did 4 years for in prison from 2003-2007.  Spending most of his adult life in and out of jail. 

The children’s grandmother Crystal Franklin said, “I’m just numb, just not knowing what to think, the kids were just wonderful. Summer rarely ever locked her door and helped neighbors when in need. Summer never met an enemy, she didn’t have an enemy, she just loved everybody”.  Crystals husband James, the grandfather of the children said, “That was wrong, there is nothing that can justify killing a mother and four kids, just turn your self in. I have to deal with this the rest of my life. I loved all of them and they loved me.”

The murders happened at the  apartment complex.  A neighbors daughter Brandy Higgens said that her mother heard a loud noise before the authorities arrived.  Many neighbors heard the noise.  There are only good words regarding the people killed from everyone around them.  The suspect Joshua Steven Durcho is being sought after and is considered  dangerous.

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