Police discovered a gruesome scene Monday in a house in Cowra, a country town west of Sydney, Australia. An elderly man is wanted for the murder of his wife and two grandchildren. The mother of the two children was attacked also and left with serious head wounds.
Terry Lovett, who lives next door to where the family was attacked, said his wife, Cheryl was at home about 2:10 pm when she suddenly heard banging and screaming at their door. She said when she opened the door the mother of the murdered children was covered with blood with a huge gash on the side of her head. She just said, “Dad’s killed mum and the two kids.” She told Cheryl that she wrestled the axe away from her Dad. She said by the way she sounded her Dad had already hit her with the axe when she wrestled it away from him.

Lovett says he can’t remember ever having any problems with the family since they moved in, around 1995. He said the daughter, a police officer, moved in with her parents a few years ago and the elderly couple took care of the children, a girl five years old and a boy who was seven years old, while their mother worked. Lovett also said he thinks the grandmother was a diabetic which her husband cared for her quite a bit.

Police think that the man, John Walsh, 69, is headed for Newcastle and they are warning the public not to approach him. Detectives from the State Crime Command’s Homicide and Canobolas Local Area Command are investigating the circumstances surrounding the murders.

Jan Barrett

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