By Honey Gillard It has been reported that Mandy Moore will release her fresh and innovative album titled ‘Wild Hope’ into our stores towards the beginning of May this year. 

“Wild Hope,” influenced by such refreshing artists as Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac, inaugurates with the song, “Extraordinary,” – the result of a collaboration with indie pop-folk duo ‘The Weepies’ -and winds up with the ballad, “Gardenia,” – co-written by Chantal Kreviazuk. 

“Making this record has been the most exciting and fulfilling creative experience of my life,” Moore accounts. “I knew exactly what type of album I wanted to make and firmly held my ground.”

Moore wrote several songs for the album, including a second piece with ‘The Weepies’ entitled “All Good Things” – an up-beat and feel-good track – as well as a very revealing and honest song with Lori McKenna “Most of Me” and “Ladies Choice” with the help of Rachael Yamagata. 

“It is especially rewarding to be part of a venture in which artistic freedom is encouraged,” Moore states in reference to the label deal designed to better benefit artists, while providing them with extensive creative input. 

‘Wild Hope’ – the product of a two year endeavour – is an organic folk album with pop sensibilities 

The album will be released via the new partnership between The Firm Music and EMI Distribution. 

So keep an eye out in early May for this Album, as it’s sure to put the smile on your ear’s dile. 

VISIT MANDY MOORE’S MYSPACE PAGE – to hear some samples from the album. 

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