Mandy Elle mandy-moore-elle-magazine-01By Honey Gillard 

MANDY Moore looks effortlessly beautiful as the face of the May 2007 issue of ELLE magazine. 

Moore also starred on the cover of the June 2006 issue of the style and beauty magazine. 

“Mandy Moore is done being a pop music also-ran and somebody’s girlfriend. Now–with another big push at film stardom and a brave new album–can she convince all those doubters?” quotes the magazine. 

This fabulous summery cover shoot collaborated many fascinating pieces from Roberto Cavalli, Dior by John Galliano, Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, Moschino, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, and Pete Sam. 

Below are highlights from Mandy Moore’s interview with ELLE:

On ex-boyfriend Zach Braff: 

“Out of respect to Zach, who I still consider a friend and care about and support, I have nothing bad to say about him. It just didn’t work out.” (Mandy’s friend described him as toxic: “He’s a really bad combination of narcissistic and insecure.”) 

Upon seeing of photo of herself being dissected on a blog: 

“People are so mean. (mimics) She’s fat. She’s untalented. I wish she’d shut up. I don’t want to hear another record from her.” 

On her acting and singing abilities: 

“I’m mediocre at both. I’m not trying to be self-deprecating. I’m just being honest.” 

On her body issues: 

“Sometimes I feel fine. Sometimes I don’t feel so great. I’m a regular person. I’m not that thin. I’m okay with representing a different type than the Hollywood beauty ideal. But other people aren’t so okay with that. I’ve been told that I have to lose weight for stuff before. It’s mortifying. It’s hard to have someone come up and go, ‘You should lose a few pounds.’ And they don’t say it delicately. How can you? It’s only happened to me once before (for her upcoming film License to Wed). But once is enough to make you feel awful.”

Mandy Moore’s new album is due for release on June 19, so keep your eyes peeled for this stunning star on your shelves in the coming months.

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