Mandy Dawnridge mandy-moore-c-magazine-dawnridge-estate-01By Honey Gillard

MANDY Moore is this month’s face of ‘C magazine’ [May 2007].

It’s seems that the ‘extraordinary’ singer is becoming quite a popular face, with her new reflective album ‘Wild Hope’ hitting our stores very, very soon, and with several movies nearing their theatrical release.

The photo shoot for this issue was shot at designer Tony Duquette’s “Dawnridge” estate in Los Angeles, which according to JustJared is the same place as the gorgeous Reese Witherspoon photo shoot for ‘Harper’s Bazarr’ was shot.
Mandy also chatted with ‘C’ for the issue, here is an extract [provided by JustJared]:
On her music career and new album Wild Hope:
 “Not to sound cheesy, but it was a period of intense self-reflection. I was asking myself all these questions: ‘Who am I? Am I doing what I love? Do I want to be doing this as a career? … While I was making the album, I was on the roller coaster that is love and going through breakups… so it was cathartic, too. … I’m not being self-deprecating. I can listen to good pop, but I would not include myself in that category. It’s embarrassing. I wish I could make those records disappear.”

 On partying:
 “I’m an early bird. It’s a problem. My friends are always, like, Really? You can’t go out again?”.

 On her figure:
“I’m not willing to deprive myself. I am who I am. I know I don’t fit into the trendy look right now, but I’m much happier representing this body type. I have to make other sacrifices, like not seeing my friends, for my career, so if I want French fries, I’ll have them.”

 On her admission of having been depressed:
 “I’m used to being a very positive person, and all this stuff I was writing about for the album made me feel like I was wearing these blue tinted glasses. It’s not like I was every diagnosed, and I’ve never seen a therapist, although I’d love to, because I don’t want to keep burdening my friends.”

 On living in LA with her two brothers:
“I’m a scaredy-cat when it comes to spiders and bugs.”

 On why she hasn’t changed her name to reflect her adult work and outlook:
 “Amanda’s a chain-smoking cabaret singer in her late 60s singing in the Catskills. Maybe when I’m that old, I’ll become Amanda.”

Moore also stars on the cover of this month’s Elle magazine, which also features possibly one of the most beautiful Brit’s, Orlando Bloom – so it’s sure to be a good issue.

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Source: JustJAred

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