A 44-year-old French man has been able to overcome the debilitating effects of living with an incredibly mall brain and have a nearly normal IQ. When the man recently went to the hospital with mild weakness in his left leg, he was given a CT scan and an MRI which revealed that his cerebral cavities had expanded, crushing the brain against the sides of his skull until it was almost entirely destroyed.

The cause of this action is said to be from Dandy Walker complex, a condition that results in jerky muscle movements and problems with nerves that control the face. It can go unnoticed and occurs in one out of 25,000 births, mostly in females. They believe this occurred as a result of surgery that he underwent when he was six months old. He suffered from hydrocephalus, also called water on the brain, and doctors removed the drainage of spinal fluid. Malformations of the face, limbs, fingers, toes, and heart may occur as well.

Treatment of this condition usually consists of treating the associated abnormalities. Sometimes genetic counseling and the insertion of a shunt may be needed as well. Despite his condition, the man is father of two and has an IQ of 75, a verbal IQ of 84, and a performance IQ of 70. The average person has a minimum IQ of 85, but they also generally have their entire brain intact as well.

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