September 6, 2006 was a day like any other for most of us, but for Jeffrey Alan Ingram it was the day he lost his memory.

It was not until September 10 that Jeffrey, a 40 year old man from Washington, turned up at a Denver Colorado police station. In the days that followed an obviously upset Ingram made television appearances to appeal to the general public for their help with finding his identity.

Until yesterday, Ingram did not know who he was, when his fiancee, Penny Hansen of Olympia, Washington recognized him on a news broadcast. She phoned Denver authorities to say that she recognized him when she saw him on TV.

Ingram apparently suffers from a condition known as dissociative fugue. Dissociative fugue is only found in about 0.2% of the population and is known for causing people to have partial or whole memory loss relating to one’s identity. ( fugue is not known to be related to substance abuse or a general medical condition, like epilepsy.

For his family, it is a relief that Ingram was found alive. Their main focus right now is on getting him the help he needs for his condition. Denver police are said to be in the process of arranging a reunion for Ingram and Hansen.

Associated Press

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