James Kevin Pope was sentenced to 40 life sentences for the sexual assault of three young girls on Wednesday. Pope will serve the sentences consecutively. If it were at all possible for Pope to outlast 40 life sentences, he would have served his time in full by the year 6068.

According to the Parker County DA Office, Pope will be eligible for parole in the year 3209. Pope would be 1,244 years old.

Pope allegedly abused three young girls over a two-year period. Investigators stepped in after an acquaintance reported Pope to Child Protective Services for lewd comments that he had reportedly made. They later uncovered sexual photos and over 200 pornographic images stored on Pope’s computer, the majority featuring young children.

Jurors reported that they had a difficult time during the trial due to the introduction of pornographic evidence and the traumatic subject matter.

Rick Alley, Pope’s defense lawyer, told jurors that the three young victims were “incapable of understanding what happened” and that “simply because it’s shocking doesn’t make it true.”

“If it was as traumatic as they indicate, they would be able to give you specific dates and times of the incidents,”Alley said. The ages or identities of the three young girls were not released.

Prosecutors were happy with the sentencing Wednesday, stating that “it was a just result.”

Related article courtesy of The AP and MSNBC.com.

Nicolette Kuff is a freelance writer from Upstate NY.

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