One man’s purchase of a mansion in Saddle River, New Jersey has proven to be disasterous after he discovered that the house was filled with the feces of over 100 cats and dogs who lived their with the previous owner. Understandably, he now wants out of the deal he made. The animals were found and removed after a DHL delivery man detected a strong odor and saw several animals running around inside on August 14. Cynthia and Philip Tamis were the original owners of the home and were responsible for keeping all of those animals locked up.About 80 live cats and six live dogs were removed from the home along with the corpses of 23 other animals wrapped in bags and stored in the garage, some so decomposed that they were unidentifiable as to their species. The Tamis’ were charged for animal cruelty a few weeks ago. They had been living in their home for the last eight years, all the while taking in sick and abandoned animals. The couple had had financial problems since 2003 while struggling to open up their own business.  They were recently forced to sell their home for $2.6 million after it was foreclosed on.

The mansion was purchased by the Tamis’ next door neighbors, Michael Acciardi, 47. He said that he thought the house was fine because his neighbors seemed to comfortably living in it. So he put up a bid for the house having never seen the interior. He was on vacation when police notified him of the condition of the inside of the house, and he went inside for the first time on Thursday. He said the smell of the house made him sick. Philip Tamis had told him the house was fine, but he wouldn’t let him inside due to a respect for the Tamis’ privacy. Hopefully, this experience has taught him to carefully research a house he plans to buy.

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