It has been revealed that a man from the UK who died from the asbestos related cancer, mesothelioma, was given only a paper mask by way of protection when working on and demolishing properties that contained asbestos. The man, Mark Tunnicliffe, died earlier this year at the age of just forty eight.

According to reports Mark worked for the building firm Tomlinson’s from 1987, and the firm was focussing on demolishing and refurbishing council houses in the 1980s, which is a project that Mark became involved in. However, the properties contained asbestos and the only protection provided was a paper mask.

Prior to his death Mark has stated that asbestos was everywhere in many of these properties, including in fireplaces and cupboards. He added at that time: “When we removed any asbestos, we placed it in bags and put them in an enclosed skip outside the house.”

It was determined by Derby and South Derbyshire Deputy Coroner Louise Pinder that Mark died from an industrial disease. She also added: “He was given a paper mask. Clearly that was not sufficient because he developed mesothelioma.”

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