A Toronto man who is currently serving a four year sentence for conspiracy to commit murder on his wife is trying to use his incarceration as an excuse to get out of child support payments. Ironically enough, that’s actually the very same reason why he attempted to kill his wife in the first place after he admitted to trying to hire a hit man to break his wife’s neck and throw her down the stair’s. He was arrested in December after he arrested in a sting operation by police and plead guilty.

Now Ronald Schulz says that since he is in prison, he no longer has access to a steady income which makes him unable to pay for the child and spousal support. The argument was in court this week and the initial decision was for the now ex-wife of Schulz to receive a lump sum from the $98,000 he received for selling his house in order to help raise their two children which she is currently raising on her own. Ironically, his ex wife, Sheryl Janssen, also says that she is unable to work due to “trauma caused by Schulz’s actions,” A Ontario Superior Court judge is expected to hand down his official ruling on the matter next week.

Man hopes jail means no support payments (Reuters)

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