A man in Prince Edward Island, Canada, has been charged with criminal negligence and assault on an infant after he placed a 10 month old infant into the freezer to cool her fever. The man, Derrick Hardy, 21, was babysitting his girlfriend’s daughter when he noticed that she was running a temperature. After he tried to bring the fever down by placing a cool rag on her forehead and taking her out into the cold night air, he decided that it would be a great idea to place the girl into the freezer wearing only a thin undershirt to bring down the fever.

The girl’s mother luckily came home just a few seconds later and was able to get the girl out of the freezer, who had been in there for about 40 seconds, and took her to the hospital where she stayed for several days to recover from first and second degree freezer burns. Hardy says that he left the freezer door open but the mother insists that when she came home she found the freezer door closed. Hardy admits that he had no experience with childcare and didn’t know what to do when the girl ran the fever. He is pleading not guilty to the charges. The infant is currently in the custody of her grandmother.

Man on trial for putting baby in freezer (Reuters)

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