Every so often, a story makes it into the public about a person suing for a ridiculous reason. When they win, you wonder who would buy such a story? Then you see a judge like Roy L. Pearson trying to take advantage of the legal system, and you understand how others can get away with it as well. A District of Columbia administrative law judge, Pearson is undergoing a two year long law suit, initially seeking $67 million from the owners of a dry cleaners who he claims lost his pair of pants. Recently, he has lowered his asking price to $54 million.

Pearson claims to be suing for fraud with signs posted that read “Satisfaction Guaranteed” and “Same Day Service.” He claims that store owners Jin Nam Chung, wife Ki Chung, and their son, Soo Chung are guilty of false advertising. When he brought some suits for alterations to the drycleaners in May 2005, he claims a pair of pants from one suit was missing when he came to claim it two days later. He asked for over $1,000 to pay for the price of the suit. A week later, the Chungs claimed to have found the pants and refused to pay him. Pearson claimed they were not his pants, though the ones returned to him match his inseam measurements, and the ticket on the pants matches his receipt.

Though the pants are still hanging in his office, Pearson decided to sue the Chungs. The Chungs made three offers to settle with Pearson, up to $12,000. However, Pearson claimed he no longer wanted to use his neighborhood dry cleaner and asked for $15,000 to cover the cost of renting a car every weekend for 10 years to go to a further business. The price has escalated to $67 million until the recent price drop.

As for the Chungs, they are considering moving back to Seoul in South Korea, seven years after the opening of their business. Their lawyer says they’re broke and “disenchanted with the system.” The trial is set to start June 11. Whether or not they are guilty of fraud, a pair of pants is not enough of a reason to ruin people’s lives.


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