Wednesday night 36 passengers on a Greyhound bus were traveling peacefully from Edmonton, Alberta to Winnipeg, Manitoba. No one on the bus were prepared for the horror they were about to witness.

Passengers that witnessed the murder said that the two men were sitting in the back of the bus and the victim appeared to either be sleeping or listening to music through his headphones. They say the attack appeared to be unprovoked. An elderly woman said that, “The first thing I heard was something like a terrible type of yowl and that was from the guy who got stabbed.”

The suspect stabbed the victim repeatedly and the cut the man’s head off. “He didn’t do anything to provoke the guy. The guy just took a knife out and stabbed him, started stabbing him like crazy and cut his head off,” said Garnet Caton, 36 who was a passenger and witness. Caton told CBC Newsworld that the suspect had a large hunting knife and repeatedly stabbed the victim like 50 or 60 times. “We all heard this scream like this blood-curdling scream,” Canton said.

The driver of the bus made an emergency stop and got the passengers off the bus and then with the help of a nearby truck driver, they managed to disable the bus and shut the man up inside the bus so he couldn’t escape. Witnesses say they stood outside the bus looking in while the man was disfiguring the victim’s body.

The truck driver jumped in to help as he and the driver disabled the bus and kept the man from exiting. Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene and the man was taken into custody.

Caton said that once they all got off the bus they prevented the attacker from getting off the bus by threatening him with a hammer and a metal bar. “We were telling him, Stay put, stay put stay there, don’t try to come out.” “He tried to get the bus working and the bus driver disabled the bus somehow in the back. I’m not sure how he did it and at that point, I think the police showed up, said Caton.

Caton described the attacker as about 6 ft tall weighing about 200 lbs. with a bald head and wearing sunglasses. He said he was struck by how calm the man was. He said he just walked to the front of the bus and dropped the head that he was carrying.

Passengers were later taken to Brandon where they were interviewed by the police and then they were taken to a hotel where they were to spend the night.

Jan Barrett

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