Apparently the filming of the new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace is being plagued with problems. While listening to McIntyre In The Morning on KABC in Los Angeles this morning, I was dismayed when KABC entertainment reporter Debra Mark (pictured) lightly and semi-laughingly mentioned that one of the film crew had been “stabbed in a domestic dispute.”

In fact, according to the UPI article she was reading from (see below), the man almost died. Host Doug McIntyre (pictured below) and co-host Rob Marenko, both normally reasonable men, seemed mildly amused, too.

All together now–“If a wife was stabbed and almost murdered by her husband, would we be amused by it?”

As we’ve discussed before, this light dismissal of male victims of domestic violence is common in the media. I detailed one of them in my co-authored column Suppose Roles Had Been Reversed in Clara Harris Case (Houston Chronicle, 1/27/07).

Worker on new ‘Bond’ film found stabbed

UPI, May 4, 2008

DORNBIRN, Austria, May 4 (UPI) — A 58-year-old working on the Austrian set of “Quantum of Silence,” the latest James Bond movie, has been stabbed in a domestic dispute, police say.

A police spokesman said the unidentified technician was in “critical” condition after allegedly being attacked by a woman in Dornbirn, the Mail on Sunday reported.

“The woman appears to have attacked the man with a steak knife in the bedroom,” an unidentified police spokesman said.

“He suffered deep cut wounds to the head and hands, and the first policeman to arrive thought he had died as his pulse was so weak and there was so much blood.”

The discovery of the wounded crew member Saturday morning marked the third unusual event involving the production of the 22nd Bond film, the Mail said.

The British newspaper said a 29-year-old crew member survived a car crash two weeks earlier in Italy and a stuntman was seriously injured six days later while filming a chase scene.

Glenn Sacks,

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