A man in the Bahamas has been sentenced to 16 years in prison and 8 lashes with a cat o nine tails after being convicted of burglary, attempted rape and causing harm. The man received this extra punishment for the attempted rape charge which occurred when he tried to rape an 83 year old woman. The cat o nine tails is a form of punishment that was originally used as punishment by the British navy during the 18th century. It is a whip made of knotted cords, leaves flesh wounds and is used on the offender’s back by a prison guard. It was outlawed many years ago but 15 years ago, the island nation decided to reinstate the punishment for the worst of crimes. The lashes are scheduled to be distributed in halves with four lashes being served at the beginning of the prison sentence and four more being given upon the end of his sentence but the first lashes have been postponed for three weeks until a possible appeal can make its way through the system.

Bahamas orders man lashed with cat-o’-nine-tails (Reuters)

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