A man found guilty of putting his wife’s puppy in a 200-degree oven, crippling it, was sentenced Monday to six months in jail.

Third District Judge William Barrett meted Marc Christopher Vincent, 36, a punishment of six months in jail without the chance of early release. He is required to pay a $500 fine and $986 in veterinary bills for the dog.

Vincent, 36, was found guilty Sept. 18 to one count of misdemeanor aggravated animal cruelty for putting the dog in an oven for five minutes on May 25 during heated argument with his wife, Rhonda. Rhonda has filed for a divorce after the incident. The black Chihuahua mix named Henry is permanently crippled and walks with a limp.

Part of the plea agreement was to drop a second charge of animal cruelty. Vincent was also accused of turning a leaf blower on the dog in another incident, damaging the dog’s eye and its eventual removal.

Aside from the six months jail term, Vincent was to serve two years’ probation after serving a jail sentence, seek anger management therapy, must have no contact with his wife or any animals, and get a mental health evaluation.

Salt Lake County prosecutor Elizabeth Henry said Utah is one of nine states that imposes only misdemeanor punishment for animal cruelty.


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