A sixty five year old man has received compensation over asbestos contamination after being diagnosed with the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma. Joseph Douglas was diagnosed with asbestos related cancer in 2004, and as a result of this he has been awarded sixty five thousand pounds, equivalent to around one hundred and thirty thousand dollars, in compensation.

The grandfather is now set to receive compensation from his former employer, HH Robertson. He has had to have two operations to have tumors removed from his lungs, and it is claimed that his exposure occurred when he worked as a color stillman from 1966 to 1995.

He said: “When we were working with asbestos we were told it wasn’t dangerous because it wasn’t blue asbestos. I was making a living so I didn’t question it.” He added: “The compensation means a lot to me. It will make life more bearable as I have now got money to help me with everyday tasks. I can’t even change the bed covers on my own any more.”

His lawyer said: “We are pleased we have been able to succeed with this case on behalf of Mr Douglas. When I first met him I asked about the cause of his breathlessness. Given his history of asbestos exposure I was surprised to find out this had not been investigated as a cause of his lung cancer. When we obtained medical evidence it confirmed that asbestos had contributed to causing his cancer. His case was not straightforward but we successfully obtained compensation on his behalf.”

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