After three years of not being able to find work, 62 year old Timothy Bowers was given what he wanted most for his birthday from a county judge: three years in prison. Bowers is a retired navy veteran who has been unable to find steady work and so on May 1st of this year he walked into a bank and handed the teller a note requesting loose bills in an envelope. The teller stuffed four $20 bills into the envelope along with an exploding dye pack before hitting the silent alarm. Bowers then walked up the security guard and handed the money right back until police arrived where he gave himself up peacefully.

At the hearing, the judge asked him why he did it and he answered simply that he wanted three years in prison so that when he got out at aged 65, he would be eligible for social security. He pleaded guilty in court with the statement “At my age, the jobs that are available to me are minimum-wage jobs. There is age discrimination out there.” The Assistant County Prosecutor Dan Cable considered arguing against sending the man to jail but was worried that if he were released he would be a danger to commit another crime to get put right back in the courtroom. After a court appointed psychologist found Bowers mentally competent, the judge had no choice but to give the man the three year sentence. “It’s unfortunate you feel this is the only way to deal with the situation,” said the judge as the sentence was passed.

Robber gets wish: 3 years in prison (Columbus Dispatch)

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