I was alerted to this by Mike Tobin of Stackridge fame.

We watch many movies, but there are only a very few that my wife Jan and I just cannot resist if they are on the TV. I have no idea how many times we have watched them, and I we can talk along with the dialog. They are not the greatest movies of all time, but they sure are fun.

In our top three is the fabulous Cohen Brothers movie staring George Clooney. Oh Brother is based on such a silly premise, and so well executed that you just have to fall in love with it. The characters are off the wall, the plot is beyond the scope of the Hubble Telescope, and the music score incredible.

At the center is Man Of Constant Sorrow. It is a great song. Interestingly enough George Clooney had planned on performing it himself, but backed out, instead permitting better voices to perform it. It is however still a classic. You can watch the movie version below:

Of course in this day and age of iEverythings (iPads, iPods. iPhones, iToilets) you can always lift a track, add some effects, and layer on a new video. This treatment of Man Of Constant Sorrow still has me rolling on the floor laughing:I think I prefer the original, but I have to give a huge amount of credit to the folks that have ‘re-mixed’ it for us.

Simon Barrett

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