In a south Georgia county, a family mourns.  The husband & father of the family is busy fighting in the war, and now must worry for the safety of his wife and two children, as well as mourn the loss of Zoe.

Zoe was the beloved Siberian Husky, who was recently gunned down in cold blood by Jason Allman, the next-door neighbor to Toni Smission.  Allman is accused of first beating this  dog with a hammer,  then  shooting her 12 times in the yard of Smission, in front of her, her 2 children, and his own children.  After she had been tortured with a hammer, Zoe lay there, screaming for Toni Smission to help her.  Before he shot her, he stated to Smission, “You had this coming”.

Two more shots were fired in the ground, threatening Smission.

To add to the ever growing list of charges against Allman, it seems that he had a silencer on his gun!  What normal citizen should ever be able to get their hands on, let alone NEED a SILENCER for their gun?

Mr. Allman is no stranger to the court system of Byron Georgia.  He has been in court before, concerning the dissapearance of pets in the neigborhood.  He admitted to trapping and “disposing” of neighborhood cats and other animals.

How is such a monster still allowed to walk the streets?   Because, the corruption in this area goes so deeply that the local Animal Control Officer in Byron, Marshal Peacock, seems to enjoy breaking the legs of stray dogs, and then shooting them.  There was one incident if Peacock committing this very act in front of a Byron Councilwoman, who wishes to not have her name used.  This animal control officer, Peacock, has given orders to “just shoot cats”.

Allman will soon be facing trial, on counts of Felony aggravated cruelty to animals and discharging a weapon in a residential area.

What about wreckless endangerment of a child?  Having a freaking SILENCER???

Please visit  for more information and sign the petition to try to have stronger charges brought against this monster.

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