A man from the Milwaukee area is said to have been indicted over improper asbestos removal after being found ton have breached safety regulations over the removal of this potentially deadly carcinogenic. The fifty three year old man has been indicted on charges of asbestos regulation violations.

Asbestos is a known carcinogenic, and can cause a range of health problems through exposure, including scarring of the lungs, respiratory problems, and asbestos cancer called mesothelioma.

According to reports Mr Michael Phillips owned an apartment complex in New London, Villa Apartments. It is claimed that between July and November in 2007 Phillips removed a large amount of piping as a heating conversion was carried out, and at that time he is said to have breached environmental regulation with regards to disposal.

Phillips is accused of failing to wet down the asbestos prior to removal, thus increasing the chances of loose dust and fibers being released into the air, putting others at risk of exposure. He is also accused of failing to inform the Environmental Protection Agency.

It is also claimed that he did not have anyone trained in asbestos when the work was being carried out, and failed to dispose of it properly. Phillips was indicted on seven counts, each of which carries penalties of two hundred and fifty thousand dollar fines and up to five years in prison.

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