Benjamin Carpenter is a 21-year-old man with muscular dystrophy who lives with his parents in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Recently, he and his aide were crossing the Red Arrow Highway after riding on a trail in Paw Paw, west of Detroit. The two of them crossed at a red light where a semi trailer was stopped. The aide, who was on a bike, fell behind, and Carpenter started to cross by himself. In the middle of the road, the light turned green, and the handles on his wheelchair became hooked in the grille of the truck, pushing him down the road.

As they sped down the street at 50 miles per hour at one point, motorists passing nearby called 911 on their cell phones. Two undercover police officers driving in the opposite direction and saw what was happening, making a sudden U-Turn and following the truck to its business to tell the driver what had happened. Carpenter had traveled 4 miles before the truck stopped. Luckily, he was strapped into his chair, and amazingly, he was unharmed and calm about the situation. The tires on his chair needed to be replaced after the rubber was burned off from the trip, but he was taken home by his parents, and his chair is ready for him to attend a weekend at a muscular dystrophy camp.

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