A forty eight year old former Massena School District employee has been found guilty of two charges relating to asbestos in relation to asbestos in schools. Benny Gladding was charged with a felony and a misdemeanour after pleading guilty to falsifying information provided to a federal agent, and putting together false reports relating to asbestos in district buildings.

According to reports Mr Gladding wrongly advised federal representatives that he had never removed asbestos from any school district buildings while he was an employee for the Massena School District . However, it was discovered that he had been involved in a number of illegal asbestos removal projects at Jefferson Elementary.

One attorney stated: “The serious part was that we found illegal asbestos removals that occurred during the course of quite a few years and reports that didn’t show that there had been these removals. And, laboratory samples that showed friable asbestos in places it was supposed to be within the schools and that of course is a very serious problem.”

Gladding was working as the Buildings and Grounds Superintendent for the Massena school district, but has since been terminated from this position. He could now face fines of around three hundred and fifty thousand dollars as well as facing up to six years in prison.

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