Almost 300 letters were found bobbing in the ocean by a New Jersey man named Bill Lacovara while he was fishing with his son last month. The man was fishing when he saw the plastic bag floating in the water when he waded out to retrieve it. What he found when he opened the bag were almost three hundred letters, most were addressed to a New Jersey minister named Rev. Grady Cooper (now deceased) though some were just addressed to ‘altar’. All of them had prayers on them that were meant to be prayed over by the minister and his congregation.

Some of the letters were humorous in their requests (such as the man who wanted to win the lottery twice), some of them were sad (such as the woman who wanted her boyfriend to marry her before their baby were born or the teenager who wanted forgiveness for getting an abortion). Almost all of them though were completely unopened.

Originally Lacovara wanted to correct the wrong of these letters not being read in the only way he could think of: put them up on Ebay where he said they could’ve gone for as much as $15,000 which would’ve been donated to charity. Religious people from all over the country protested though and demanded that he withdraw the auction and do something else with the letters. Some suggested that he throw them back into the sea, some of them suggested that he burn them and some suggested that he donate them to another church so that they could receive their proper prayers. Lacovara has said that he has received requests from 15 ministers who are willing to take the letters off his hands. He is currently weighing his options to make sure that the letters do not fall into the wrong hands.

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