A man from Washington has filed a lawsuit in Madison County Circuit Court this week after he was diagnosed with the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma. The plaintiff, James Regal, claims that the deadly cancer was wrongfully caused, and he has named sixty eight defendants in the lawsuit.

According to the plaintiff he worked for the US Army as a machinist between 1962 and 2003, in the Illinois area. He also said that he worked as a maintenance operative in a variety of areas. He claims to have been exposed to deadly asbestos during the course of his work, and while carrying out home and automotive repairs.

Among the named defendants in the lawsuit are: Ford Motor Company, General Electric, General Motors, Goodyear, Bondex International, CBS, Chrysler, Federal-Mogul Asbestos Personal Trust, Honeywell International, Ingersoll-Rand, International Paper, and various others.

The complaint that was filed in the court stated: “The plaintiff’s exposure and inhalation, ingestion or absorption of the asbestos fibers was completely foreseeable and could or should have been anticipated by the defendants.”

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