You hear about people taking advantage of the system, but this might be the greatest abuse I’ve ever legitimately learned of.

Twenty years ago, Rosie Marie Costello came up with a brilliant idea for some extra income. All she had to do was have a mentally retarded child. Her current child, 8-year-old Pete Costello, would be perfect for the part – and bonus! – he wasn’t actually retarded. Not surprisingly, the idea was foolproof.

According to CNN, mother and son raked in well over $200,000 during the course of their scam. What went wrong, you ask? Good question. Turns out the authorities managed to get surveillance of Pete arguing a speeding ticket in court – just like a totally non-disabled person. In the end, his only real handicap was sheer stupidity.

Here’s the thing, though. Why did it take the United States government 20 years to figure this guy out? What are the standards of determining disabilities? Can I fake being retarded? In fairness, there is come conjecture that Mr. Costello might be partially retarded and he has simply been exaggerating the effects. I think that’s just something they’re saying to make themselves feel less inept…because of course, no one in the government could be completely fooled by this act…only partially fooled. Idiots.

Twenty years they’ve been draining money out of an already anemic social security fund. I’ve gotta tell you – this is pretty infuriating. Bad enough I’ve gotta pay for the diapers of baby boomers, but now I have to pay for the acting lessons of an eight year old. And how the hell did this kid even get a drivers license?! Did no one at the DMV realize that he was collecting money for being mentally retarded? How big is the hole that this family fell through? Where else is my money going? Is Bill Gates collecting welfare? But way to nail this guy with the video surveillance, guys – as if his Nobel Prize didn’t give it away.

Another cracker-jack case-cracking job by the Jacques Clouseau of the U.S. Attorney’s office. Where can I request an audit?

Article originally posted at: inthedelivery

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