A man from Tracy is facing ten months behind bars after being found guilty of asbestos violations that could have caused serious or even deadly health problems for others in the area. A jury found the man guilty of three felony counts of Clean Air Act violations, according to a recent report.

The report claims that thirty seven year old Wassim Mohammad Azizi tore down a Hayward building filled with asbestos without obtaining the necessary permits, and then proceeded to lie about the matter to regulators. The prison sentence was passed last week by a federal court judge.

Azizi allegedly bought the two story building in Hayward and then discovered that it contained asbestos. He then hired an unlicensed handyman to tear down the building with the intention of erecting a new building in its place.

Nick Torres of the Environmental Protection Agency’s criminal enforcement division said: “The defendant not only risked exposing the public and any workers at the site to asbestos, a known carcinogen. He also tried to cover up his crime by lying to the local enforcement agency.”

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