A forty five year old businessman from upstate New York could be facing fifty five years in federal prison after being found guilty of violating the Clean Air Act for the second time. Paul Mancuso has already been convicted of asbestos related violations.

He has now been found guilty of violations for a second time. He has also been charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States , violate the federal Superfund Act and commit mail fraud. Mancuso’s 70-year-old father Lester and his brother Steven, 37, were also indicted on the same charges.

Mancuso is said to have been convicted in 2003 of illegal asbestos removal and in 2004 of insurance fraud relating to his asbestos business. The new charges relate to illegal asbestos removal at a number of locations in upstate New York .

Officials state that Mancuso could face fifty five years in federal prison and fines of close to three million dollars if found guilty. Lester could be looking at twenty three years behind bars, and Steven could face a five year sentence.

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